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Open workshops and lectures

Workshops to play (or dance) with others or in-depth work, sometimes exploring off the beaten track


4 Lectures by Gilles Landini

‘Everyone is capable of find something that takes him by the hand and says, ‘Look, that's worth living.’


Workshop for a Flute Ensemble

Bring flutists together to develop listening within a shared sound, accuracy, and rhythmic precision, as well as to explore a repertoire and simply enjoy playing together!


Workshop “the art of gesture”

Discover the secrets of gesture in musical and theatrical performance and how to mesmerize the audience with your hands, eyes and body. For singers, actors, lawyers, teachers. Gesturing is an ancient that has no aged


One day for Chamber music

Two days to learn how to play in an orchestra and experience the feeling that you are being carried away by the wind.


Lyric Workshop

This intensive three-day workshop works on body language and adapts theatrical improvisation to singing in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Workshop for singers with a good level of experience.


Workshop on Discovering Greek Song

Here's your chance to discover the extraordinary richness of Greek song, its poetry, rhythms and unique harmonic colours, through traditional Greek music, the Rebetiko and also popular and contemporary music.


Listening to Contemporary Music

'I don’t understand why people are afraid of new ideas. I'm scared of old ideas.' John Cage - four courses on certain aspects of contemporary music.


Jazz Workshop

Discover and practice jazz, become familiar with the collective playing, develop your instincts, in short, take a dip in to a music that has improvisation at its very heart.


Music and the body, argentine tango

This is an introductory seminar on music for tango dancers. It is open to all, regardless of their level, for musicians and non-musicians alike.


Dance at L’AMAmusique: Argentine Tango Regular Course

The Argentine tango is a fascinating and addictive dance. It is offered here to people of all ages and levels. This dance is a discovery of oneself, of the other, and a great opportunity to express music with one's body.


Sight-reading Workshop for Pianists

Reading a piano score, just as one would read a newspaper, requires techniques of coordination such as look / listen / knowledge of the keyboard / beat.


L’AMAmusique Symphony Orchestra

Programme for 2017-2018: Felix Mendelssohn: Three Motets op.39 for Children's choir and Orchestra | Max Bruch: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra op.26 | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem KV 626