AMAmusique was founded by a group of musicians in 1992, specifically to meet the needs of amateur adult musicians.

AMAmusique offers courses to anyone who wants to start learning music, or who wants to start learning again having studied music in the past. It especially suits those who do not want to follow the Conservatoire Populaire de Musique Danse Théâtre (CPMDT) adult learning curriculum. AMAmusique offers a teaching methodology tailored to the student, as well as quality teachers and learning environments.
AMAmusique has a partnership agreement with the CPMDT, and each organisation’s teaching complements the other’s. Sessions take place in music schools, in arts centres or in teachers’ homes.


The Association for Adult Amateur Musicians (L’Association pour les Musiciens Adultes amateurs – AMAmusique) was started in 1992, after Christiane Doret, a teacher at the Conservatoire Populaire de Musique (CPMDT) was granted a year’s sabbatical leave in order to devise a network specifically designed for adult amateur musicians. As a result, AMAmusique was established by a mixed group of professionals and non-professionals as a association providing tailored support for exactly this type of musician. In spite of starting out without any support, AMAmusique quickly developed a variety of offerings for amateur musicians, including individual classes, chamber music, meetings and conferences. Before long, the Association established links with the CPMDT, which offered support firstly in the form of use of its premises, and then logistical aid, allowing it to continue developing. Today, AMAmusique has over 500 members and a formal agreement regulating its links with the CPMDT, and is now starting a teaching exchange programme.

AMAmusique does not currently receive any form of public funding. It does, however, receive donations from various private organisations, thanks to which it can continue to diversify its programme and to offer high-quality teaching to adult musicians, as well as meetings and exchanges. The Association offers a teaching methodology tailored to the student, as well as high-quality teachers and learning environments.


AMAmusique’s mission is to help adult amateur musicians to find their own ideal way of practicing music. We want to help broaden their musical knowledge by offering a programme of lessons and activities that is tailor-made for each individual student.

Tailoring teaching to individualsy including beginners

Different ages, different schedules, commitments, technical abilities, cultural backgrounds, goals and ambitions… every adult learner is different. As such, AMAmusique’s teachers spend time assessing each student’s needs and objectives (pace of learning, timetable, what pieces to play, etc.) – we don’t offer precisely defined courses with deadlines and compulsory exams..

Choose the teacher who is right for you

After an interview and a test lesson, AMAmusique teachers will pay every attention to the style of adult teaching preferred by the prospective student.

Promoting ensemble playing by organising regular and one-off group classes, and by encouraging both students and teachers to participate.

Working within Geneva’s musical landscape

AMAmusique works together with important local figures and music specialists and organises workshops and conferences in conjunction with other local musical events, including concerts, opera shows and ethnomusicology.

Promoting partnerships with Geneva’s other music institutions

These include the CPMDT, the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève, the Haute École de Musique, the Institut Jacques-Dalcroze, Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie, Confédération des Ecoles Genevoises de Musique (CEGM) and the Concours de Genève, various associations.

Organising public performances

Holding concerts, performances, recitals and musical events to contribute to Geneva’s musical and social calendar (concert halls, care homes and the Geneva Music Festival).


For members: : regular lessons

Private instrumental, singing and music theory lessons, as well as a range of group sessions.

For non-members: : additional classes and events

We offer a wide range of supplementary courses to sign up to each year, such as day events, workshops and concerts. These are mainly run by AMAmusique’s body of teachers, though there are also events run by special guests from outside the association. Priority is given to AMAmusique students, but these events are also open to the public. They are an integral part of the association’s range of activities.

Styles offered

First and foremost, AMAmusique offers teaching in classical music. However, much like other programmes on offer in Geneva, the association also teaches jazz, pop and world music.


AMAmusique publishes an annual programme which lists any entry requirements for each activity. For private classes, all levels including beginners are welcome. AMAmusique makes every effort to offer affordable prices, and scholarships are available.

AMAmusique operates an association structure which allows amateurs and professionals to work together. Its different bodies (general assembly, committee, management and the college of professors), and association members ensure transparency. Information is shared with all the Association’s different levels, during group sessions, by the presence of representatives at all proceedings, and by sending out meeting minutes.

Quality assurance

Quality is assured through:

  • internal ongoing professional development programmes offered by both the Geneva Federation of Music Schools (FEGM) and AMAmusique
  • annual meetings to pool experiences, ideas and research
  • evaluation questionnaires assessing every course and activity to be filled in by students, teachers and other participants
  • possibility for teachers to receive financial aid from AMAmusique to help pay for training which could improve their teaching
  • meetings and exchanges for group activities
  • option for students in private classes to change teachers in order to try out different approaches
  • public concerts and recitals played for a range of audiences.
AMAmusique does not currently receive any form of public subsidy. It does, however, receive donations from various private organisations, thanks to which it can continue both to diversify its programme for amateur musicians and to offer high-quality teaching to adults, along with meetings and exchanges.


AMAmusique brings together over 500 people – 37 of whom are teachers – with the goal of offering a tailored pathway through which adult amateur musicians can practice and expand their knowledge of music. The general assembly is the association’s governing body, and appoints the committee. The committee is comprised of 5 to 10 volunteers, who are responsible for the affairs of the association, for safeguarding its interests and for managing its funding and donations (in accordance with article 17 of AMAmusique’s statute). The committee appoints a coordinator to carry out the association’s main objectives.

Jean-Jacques Martin President
Marina Lodygensky Director
Heinz Schrey Vice-president
Françoise de Montmollin Secretary
Sandrine Meylan Lacraz Treasurer
Martine Godel University liaison officer
Christiane Doret Member
Geneviève Billeter Member
Georges Perret Member
Gaëlle Richeux CPMDT representative*
Jean-Marc Binet Teaching representative
*Conservatoire Populaire de Musique Danse Théâtre

With the generous support of our partners:


AMA Newsletter

All AMAmusique members receive a biannual newsletter detailing all the Association’s activities as well as a wide range of cultural and musical events being held throughout the Geneva region. Each issue also contains a profile of an AMAmusique member, including students, teachers and committee members.
Note: Newsletters are in French.


Our annual programme, detailing this academic year’s events (group and private lessons, day events, workshops, performances etc.), is available free of charge from our reception. You can also access it online here.


This lists all of the most important ensembles, choirs and orchestras in the Geneva region, along with contact details, practice locations and membership criteria.
You can find the guide here

53 choirs, 12 orchestras, 13 concert bands, 12 brass bands, as well as folk orchestras, bugle calls, horns, percussion, mandolin and guitar, fife and drum and numerous accordion ensembles.

The circumstances, needs and motivations of amateur musicians are extremely varied.
Daring to move from the simple pleasure of listening to music to actually playing is not always easy.

AMAmusique has put together this guide to help adult learners take this step.
To order the guide (Price : CHF 5.-), cliquez here.

AMAmusique offers all of its members the opportunity to take part in a range of concerts and performances throughout the academic year.


AMA members who have attended the Symphony Orchestra, the Petit Orchestre de l’Est and the Tango Orchestra workshops and rehearsal sessions will have the opportunity to play several concerts in the course of each academic year.

We also organise regular public concerts and recitals by AMA students.

AMAmusique also has a strong presence every year at the Geneva Music Festival’s Amateur Corner, giving members an opportunity to play or sing in public.


AMAmusique organises performances in care homes around Geneva several times a year. These events give our members a chance to perform in front of an audience who, though sometimes surprising, are always enthusiastic. They are both a great opportunity to practice and a very enriching experience in their own right.

Our library currently contains about 3000 scores and a large number of sheet music copies, as well as 154 books on music and musicians(*). The collection covers all styles from the Baroque period to the 21st century, with a particularly extensive selection of classical and romantic works. It has scores for solo instruments and for all types of chamber ensembles, as well as many pieces and methodologies for children and beginners. The AMAmusique library is open and available to inquisitive musicians.
This is not an exhaustive list. You may find more recently added articles in the library.

List of available composers and works

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a lending service as some of the larger music libraries can. The AMA library is for reference only and allows our members to study scores, assess their difficulty and take note of information.

Contact: Eddy Favre, 022 736 83 42 (meetings available on request)

AMAmusique, under the Temple de Champel, 10 Avenue Alfred-Bertrand, 1206 Geneva