Dates and times* les samedis de 10h à 13h30, parfois jusqu’à 16h,
reprise le samedi 10 septembre à 10h
Location ETM
Route des Acacias 8, 1227 Geneva
7th floor
Teacher(s) Valentine Mercier
+ ad hoc contributors
Instruments The orchestra includes most modern instruments: melody, bass, rhythm and harmony, in strings, woodwind, brass, piano, accordion and percussion.
Payment CHF 450.-
Account 12-298667-0 : Mercier Valentine
Ateliers et Journées musique d’ensemble
IBAN : CH63 0900 0000 1229 8667 0Compte 12-298667-0
Registration deadline September 2016
Leader Valentine Mercier

The Petit Orchestre de l’Est is an orchestra workshop with a rotating line up which was started up in 2010 with the aim of sharing traditional music from the Balkans, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Kosovo and Greece, among others.

Valentine Mercier (piano) conducts and supervises the ensemble, occasionally accompanied by Philippe Ehinger (clarinet) and various specialists on eastern European music. The group works towards building up a repertoire in order to put on performances. It also offers detailed study of the region’s various characteristic rhythms and styles by looking at instrumental techniques and ensemble playing, as well as improvisation.
New participants are encouraged to spend a practice period learning the orchestra’s core repertoire before taking part in the concerts which are performed throughout the year.
Scores, which are arranged and adapted by Valentine Mercier, are sent out by email during the year. The programme for 2015–2016 will be mostly new and updated pieces.

The orchestra includes most modern instruments: melody, bass, rhythm and harmony, in strings, woodwind, brass, piano, accordion and percussion.

Dates First meeting: Saturday 17 September 2016
Second meeting: Saturday 4 March 2017
Location Locations and times will be provided after enrolment
Teacher(s) AMAmusique teachers
Instruments All instruments welcome
Payment Classes: 60 minutes for duos or 90 minutes for trios
Per person:
4 classes: CHF 200
6 classes: CHF 300
8 classes: CHF 400
(basic hourly rate : CHF 100)
Registration deadline End of September 2016
Details Secrétariat de l’AMAmusique
10, rue Alfred -Bertrand
1206 Geneva

022 347 96 09

Ensemble playing has been at the heart of AMAmusique since the Association was established, and as such, AMAmusique offers a wide range of regular and one-off workshops, day events and classes dedicated to ensemble music.

Registration for existing groups class:

requests for pre-existing groups are forwarded on to the relevant teacher by our reception team. The choice of teacher is entirely up to the group.

Individual registration:

registrations may be submitted throughout the year, though for the best chance of finding a suitable group, we recommend that you register before 15 September 2015. There are two meetings so that participants can meet the teachers and find the right groups.


Regular ensemble courses require students to undertake continuous practice. The teaching year consists of a minimum of 4, 6 or 8 classes.
Students must commit to regular group practice between classes.
Classes will be agreed with the teacher and will take place approximately every three weeks, and each set of classes can be renewed during the same year (using a new registration form).
The music studied and the course schedules are to be agreed with the teacher.
Courses must be paid for in full at the first lesson.

Regular classes for ensemble music

Ensemble playing – enriching and rewarding as it is – is a skill which requires patience and dedication. Musicians can develop, reinforce and hone their skills as ensemble players through rehearsals, regular classes and public performance. Whatever the musical styles involved, the goal of ensemble classes is first and foremost to give amateur singers and musicians of all levels and backgrounds the chance to learn how to become comfortable with and perform in an ensemble. Regular classes are suitable both for pre-existing groups and those signing up individually with a view to starting to play in a group (see details below).

One-off ensemble music classes

Since AMAmusique was founded, a great many amateur musicians have been able to benefit from teaching and coaching given by a wide range of teachers. One-off classes can be arranged for pre-existing groups who wish to benefit from one or more sessions without having to sign up for regular classes. For groups who have played together for a long time and wish to take things to the next level, or for those looking for sound advice before a performance, these one-off classes are the perfect opportunity to spend some time with qualified teachers.

Dates To be arranged by participants
Location Vieusseux
Teacher(s) Natacha Casagrande
Instruments Singers/choirs
Payment PClasses: 60 minutes for duos or 90 minutes for trios
Per person:
4 classes: CHF 200
6 classes: CHF 300
8 classes: CHF 400
(basic hourly rate : CHF 100)
Registration deadline No deadline
022 557 90 27 | 076 334 14 64

This course is designed for those with some experience of conducting, or for those who wish to conduct an existing choir, small group of friends or any group wanting to learn choral singing. Other disciplines likely to benefit are also welcome, for example accompanist pianists in charge of rehearsals.

The course covers all aspects of conducting, including performance, teaching and vocal techniques. It also teaches participants how to understand sheet music, making it as accessible as possible, even to those without a prior knowledge of music.

Lesson subjects can be personalised, and it is also possible for students to bring along the pieces they are working with in their choir in order to add a focus to the class.

Class 1 Timbres et espace dans l’orchestre (H. Dutilleux).
Héritage musical et démarche moderne (G. Kurtag).
Class 2 Présentation de techniques instrumentales par des musiciens
de l’Ensemble Contrechamps, intervenant B. Pauset.
Class 3 Sérialisme dans le domaine vocal (L. Nono). Rapport texte/musique (M. Jarell).
Class 4 Le bruitisme futuriste et ses conséquences (compositeurs divers).
Workshop Demi-journée de musique de chambre tous niveaux (venir avec son instrument).
Dates Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4: Thursdays 12, 19, 26 January and 2 February 2017
Workshop: Saturday 25 February 2017 (morning)
Times Classes: 8 p.m.–9:30 p.m.
Workshop: 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
Location Classes: in CPMDT (36 bd St Georges, room TBA)
Workshop: as above or Villa du Vieux-Lignon
Teachers/Organisers Christine Severi et Valentine Mercier
Instruments All instruments welcome
Payment 1. Classes (1 to 4) chamber music workshop: CHF 140
2. Classes and meetings only: CHF 80
3. Chamber music class only: CHF 60
Registration deadline 15 December 2016
Contact Christine Severi

This is a series of classes and workshops on chamber music delivered by Christine Severi and Valentine Mercier. Since the end of the 1940s, a wide variety of musical trends have run in parallel, with no defining direction. As a result, contemporary music, dominated by the relativity of these trends, can sometimes seem confusing. These chamber music sessions offer a brief run through contemporary music by way of works which spark the imagination and open up new ways of thinking.

Dates 6 workshops taking place once a month from October to March. Dates to be decided upon with participants
Location Ecole des Grottes,
Rue Jean-Robert Chouet
1203 Geneva
Teacher(s) François Creux
Instruments Piano
Payment 6 sessions: CHF 350 (75 minutes per 3-person workshop, groups and timetables to be decided at the beginning of the teaching year)
Registration deadline No deadline
Leader François Creux

Make sheet music as easy to read as a good book.

This workshop teaches sight reading through a technique based on coordination between sight, knowledge of the keyboard, listening and internal rhythm. With regular practice, you will be able to easily read new pieces of music, alone or in groups of 2, 3 or 4.

Each student attends an hour-long workshop on Fridays or Saturdays, to be confirmed upon registration.

Dates Mercredi :19h30-20h45: cours débutant
20h30-21h45: intermédiaires/avancésEntre 20h30 et 20h45: “practica guidée commune”
Jeudi :20h15: cours individuels ou en couple
Lieu Aux Pâquis, rue du Môle 36 (salle du CPMDT, au fond de la cour/parking à droite, derrière le bistrot).Mercredi – Grand studioJeudi – Petit studio
Professeur(s) Claire Rüfenacht
Pour qui? Pour toute personne intéressée par la danse, surtout celle de couple. Tout âge. Il est recommandé de venir avec un(e) partenaire, mais les personnes seules sont bien sûr acceptées.
Conditions Habits : amples, détendus.
Chaussures : elles ne doivent pas marquer le sol, être propres (salle de danse) et confortables. Attention, pas de semelle noire. Pour les filles, un talon, même petit, est préférable, et les chaussures doivent bien tenir au pied.
Tarifs Les cours sont donnés dans le cadre de l’Association AMAmusique. Il faudra donc que vous deveniez membre, dans le courant du mois de mars.
La cotisation annuelle est de CHF 80.- (CHF 40.- pour les étudiants et CHF 150.- pour les membres de soutien).Tarif des cours : CHF 180.- la série de 8 cours.Arrangements possibles si les absences sont prévues longtemps à l’avance, et en cas de maladie.
Délai inscription Non défini
Contact Claire Rufenacht

Tango piano classes

This course aims to recreate the stages of the tango’s stylistic evolution through theory and practice. It covers all the different roles of the piano: as part of the orquesta típica, as an instrument in smaller ensembles, and as a solo instrument. Tango pianists are both accompanists (harmony, rhythm and beat) and melodists (different tunes, developments and bridges). The course also studies the arrangements of these styles with a view to developing musical understanding of the genre from its beginnings in the early 19th century to the present day.

Tango ensembles

Tango ensemble classes are open to players of all instruments, covering the different styles and eras of the tango.

Argentine tango classes (dance)

This course is open to anyone interested in music, and who wants to learn to dance the Argentine tango. It covers all aspects of the Argentine tango, starting with the dance itself. The aim of the course is to help participants understand the language of this dance, and allow them to take part in improvised pas de deux at a milonga (a tango evening).